Mara hackathons are designed to tackle pressing problems for the people and the world around us.

With tailored problem statements, we hope to seed the development of both African talent and tech solutions that go on to have a discernible impact on the region. We host 4 headline hackathons a year challenging multi-disciplinary teams from across Africa to develop end to end technology solutions.
Mara Academy

Mara Academy combines online and offline education with self-paced learning, to deliver programs tailored for Africans.

We aim to reach far and wide, beyond the capitals, to onboard underrepresented groups in technology. The Academy crosses geographic, financial, and technological barriers to tap into the potential of all Africans who dream about the possibilities of the digital economy and provide them with the resources to make those dreams a reality. Get started
Mara Developers

Mara Developers programs provide a smooth path for anyone interested in developing blockchain-based solutions.

With custom content created both to educate budding developers and to aid those transitioning from web2 to web3. Mara hosts masterclasses, webinars, resource centres, study jams, hackathons and more to enable a vibrant, supportive, and successful tribe of blockchain builders.
Mara Innovation Labs

Mara Innovation Labs are a space to experiment, to innovate, to collaborate.

A safe space to fail and try again. We nurture innovation and opportunity by providing access to tools and tech resources, supporting education, upskilling and knowledge transfer. Focused on non-traditional pathways, our Innovation Labs are a hub for entrepreneurship and the identification of promising solutions. These hubs connect the global technology community to Africa and Africa to the global community.
Mara Think Tank
Innovators would not thrive without a supportive environment in which to build. Our research and policy arm educates institutional actors around blockchain as well as governments, regulators, and key stakeholders' guidance on formulating conducive blockchain policy that both promotes innovation and protects end users. We also aim to boost academic projects and other explorations into blockchain use cases.
Sustainable Development Projects
Mara Foundation works with governments, non-profits, and businesses on pilot projects to facilitate the development of blockchain based solutions for sustainable development. This includes the tokenisation of assets such as ID’s, natural resources, corporate and sovereign bonds, ushering new ways to raise development capital.

Ongoing projects

Mara Wildlife NFT

A unique project that brings together conservation and technology.

One of a kind digital assetoffering wildlife lovers, Web3 enthusiasts and the general public an opportunity to participate in the future of conservation.

Funds raised are used to support partner projects in the Masai Mara and research into additional blockchain based solutions for conservation.

Hack the Mara Hackathon

Brings together entrepreneurs, developers, and designers from across Africa to build a robust last mile payment tracking solution to support community conservation efforts in the Masai Mara.

8 finalist teams will design, develop and pitch innovative ideas to solve challenges including transparency and low internet penetration.

The winning solution will receive investment and entry into Antler Kenya’s one-year incubation program to build their start-up.

Mara Ambassador Program

Engages & trains students, developers, entrepreneurs, and communities across the continent in the new world of digital finance.

Ambassadors are building a platform to connect, exchange ideas and solve common problems while growing together.

By hosting events that bring the community together and providing resources, expertise to ensure the success of the Mara Tribe.